Our Story

Joseph, Lawrence and Tony are "kitchen table" magic players, playing the game casually for over 20 years, with EDH/Commander being our favorite format.  Though we've each experimented with all the colors, over time each of us have gravitated towards a favorite color or theme: Joseph to blue and artifacts, Lawrence to green with a soft spot for bears, and Tony to black in an attempt to win at all costs.

In our never-ending quest to best each other, we've continued to crack packs in search of the next spell that would ensure our victory, usually trading away those that we don't need or fit our color identity.

This is where the idea for MTG Mox Box was born - by taking a stake in a box for specific color(s) or types of cards, we can more efficiently get the spells we need without needing to trade away those we don't, while still maintaining the excitement of opening packs of cards.

We hope you'll join us in our next opening!