Box Breaks FAQs

Q: Who is this for?

A: If you are a Magic: the Gathering player or collector interested in getting new cards by opening a portion or all of a booster box, then this service is for you!

Q: How does it work?

A: Purchase the lot you want in our store - either number of packs or specific color(s).  Once all lots are sold, we will record and post the unboxing online so you can see the results.  Cards will be shipped to you after the unboxing.

Q: What's included in a lot?

A: We offer both color lots or pack lots.

Color lots will include all cards in the box that are in the color chosen - White, Blue, Black, Green, Red, and Multicolored/Colorless.  Depending on the set being opened, color categories may be combined or split to balance the lots.  You will receive all cards of the color or colors of your lot.

Pack lots will include the designated number of booster packs from the box, and you will receive all cards from those packs.

Q: How much is shipping & handling?

A: Shipping & handling is included in our lot price.  We will ship out all the cards associated with the lot you purchased.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Please refer to our refund policy here.

Q: Will I get <specific card or number of cards> in the lot I purchased?

A: Much like opening a booster pack, contents are unknown before opening, so there is no guarantee a specific card will be included in a lot.  For color lots, the number of cards received will also depend on the contents of the box.

Q: What if the slot I am assigned to didn’t get a single Rare or Mythic Rare?

A: If the slot you are assigned to didn’t get a single Rare or Mythic Rare, unfortunately that means you got “skunk’d”.  This shouldn’t happen often, but in the off chance it does, we will provide you a “skunk’d” discount code.  The code will apply a 20% discount to your next purchase.

Q: How are box toppers and other promotional material handled?

A: For special items such as box toppers, these will be given out to one or more lots of a box, using a random number generator to determine high roll.