Mystery Mox Box FAQ

Q: Who is this for?

A: If you are a Magic: the Gathering player or collector who enjoys the excitement of booster pack openings, then this service is for you!

Q: How does it work?

A: Purchase a Mystery Mox Box, whether a single or a bundle.  We will live stream via YouTube (calendar schedule) and randomly assign a booster pack from our current offerings.  Simply by participating, you will also have a 1:20 chance to get a Premium Pack.

Q: What are the your current offerings?

A: Our current offerings will be listed below our Mystery Mox Box product page.  The offerings will be updated on a monthly basis.

Q: When are the upcoming Mystery Mox Box openings?

A: Please refer to our calendar schedule here for the most up to date schedules.

Q: Can I choose to have my packs kept sealed?

A: We will open all Standard & Premium packs drawn.  However, on the occasion where a very rare or vintage pack is drawn, we will ask the winner to choose if he/she would like to keep it sealed.  These packs will be marked with an asterisk * in the listing.

Q: When is the cutoff date or time for participating in Mystery Mox Box?

A: There’s no official cutoff date or time to participate in the Mystery Mox Box.  You can even make a purchase during our live stream.  However, any purchases made after our live stream has concluded will be scheduled for the next live stream (calendar schedule).  

Q: How do you handle Premium Pack availability?

A: Premium Pack availability is based on our weekly inventory.  If we run out of a particular Premium Pack, we will remove it from the current week’s offering.  Please don’t feel left out, because that only means the odds for the other Premium Packs have increased!  After the Mystery Mox Box opening each week, we will evaluate our current offerings and adjust accordingly. 

Q: How much is shipping & handling?

A: Shipping & handling is included in our Mystery Mox Box pricing.  We will ship out all the cards associated with the Mystery Mox Boxes you purchased.