Refund Policy


Last updated July 2020

Mtgmoxbox is committed to providing a flawless customer experience.  In the event a mistake happens we will work to correct it as quickly as possible.  

Making adjustments or canceling your order before our "live stream" or box opening

Due to the coordination required and the time sensitive nature of our box openings, if you need to cancel or modify your order email us at within 24 hours of placing your order.  After 24 hours, only store credit will be given.

Refunding delivered singles drawn from our lots

Due to the volatile nature of the singles market, we do not accept returns on single cards, with the following two exceptions:

1) If you are not satisfied with the condition of any single cards you have received, simply contact us within 48 hours of receipt.  Mtgmoxbox will either issue you a partial refund or ask that you return the item for store credit. 

2) If you have received item(s) that are not from your purchased lot or items you from your lot are missing, simply contact us within 48 hours of receipt.