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Hello Fellow MTG enthusiasts!  Welcome to MTG Mox Box.  We are very excited to introduce to you a new spin on opening booster packs and obtaining that card that will take your deck to the next level.  Instead of selling individual themed booster packs, such as blue theme booster or black theme booster, we're offering color theme lots for an entire booster box!  For example, if you purchase a blue lot for Core 2021, when we "live" open the booster box, you will receive ALL the cards from the color lot you purchased.  That includes all commons, uncommons, rares, and mythics!  In general, we plan to have 6 standard lots for each booster box we offer, which includes White, Blue, Black, Red, Green, and another lot which we'll be calling "CLM".  "CLM" stands for Colorless, Lands, and Multicolor cards.  Once the lots for each box is sold, we will schedule a "live" open session within 3 days and notify all buyers of the time and link.  We want to make sure the opening is "live" to install confidence to our buyers that we are not switching anything out and what comes out of the packs is what you will be getting.  We will also be sending a confirmation e-mail to the buyer after the live opening session.  All cards will be shipped to the buyer within 3 days of conclusion of the live opening session.  Again we are very exciting to share this new experience with all of you and hope you enjoy what we have to offer.

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